Kirkpatrick on Training - Cari Data Buku

Kirkpatrick on Training - Cari Data Buku


Author(s)    Title    Publisher    Year

Donald. L. Kirkpatrick (Auth.)    Improving human performance series    Butterworth Heinemann    2001
    Developing Supervisors and Team Leaders       
    978-0-87719-382-1, 0-87719-382-7       
Donald L. Kirkpatrick    Evaluating training programs: the four levels [2nd ed.]    Berrett-Koehler Publishers    1998
    1576750426, 9781576750421       
Donald L Kirkpatrick Ph.D.    Evaluating Training Programs: The Four Levels ( [3rd ed.]    Berrett-Koehler Publishers    2006
Donald L. Kirkpatrick    How to Improve Performance Through Appraisal and Coaching    AMACOM    1982
    0814457193, 9780814457191, 9780585039848       
Donald L Kirkpatrick Ph.D., James D Kirkpatrick    Implementing the Four Levels: A Practical Guide for Effective Evaluation of Training Programs [1 ed.]    Berrett-Koehler Publishers    2007
    1576754545, 9781576754542       
Donald L. Kirkpatrick    Improving Employee Performance Through Appraisal And Coaching [2nd ed.]    AMACOM    2006
    0814408761, 9780814408766, 9780814429372       
Donald L. Kirkpatrick (Auth.)    Improving human performance series    Butterworth    2001
    Managing Change Effectively. Approaches, Methods, and Case Examples       
    978-0-87719-383-8, 0-87719-383-5       
Donald L Kirkpatrick, James D Kirkpatrick    Transferring Learning to Behavior: Using the Four Levels to Improve Performance [1 ed.]    Berrett-Koehler Publishers    2005
    1576753255, 9781576753255, 9781576757970       
James D. Kirkpatrick Ph.D., Wendy Kayser Kirkpatrick    Training on Trial: How Workplace Learning Must Reinvent Itself to Remain Relevant [1 ed.]        2010
    0814414648, 9780814414644       

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