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Author(s)    Title    Publisher    Year
Weisfeld, Larissa I.    Biological systems, biodiversity, and stability of plant communities    Apple Academic Press    2015
    9781771880640, 1771880643       
Finazzo, Scott    The neighborhood emergency response handbook : your life-saving plan for personal and community preparedness    Ulysses Press    2015
    978-1-61243-460-5, 1612434606       
Eric Garnier, Marie-Laure Navas, and Karl Grigulis    Plant Functional Diversity Organism traits, community structure, and ecosystem properties    Oxford University Press    2015
    978-0198757375, 0198757379       
Teiji Sota, Hideki Kagata, Yoshino Ando, Shunsuke Utsumi, Takashi Osono (auth.)    SpringerBriefs in Biology    Springer Japan    2014
    Species Diversity and Community Structure: Novel Patterns and Processes in Plants, Insects, and Fungi [1 ed.]       
    978-4-431-54260-5, 978-4-431-54261-2       
Raymond Charles Rauscher, Salim Momtaz (auth.)    Sustainable Communities: A Framework for Planning: Case Study of an Australian Outer Sydney Growth Area [1 ed.]    Springer Netherlands    2014
    978-94-007-7508-4, 978-94-007-7509-1       
Raymond Charles Rauscher, Salim Momtaz (auth.)    Brooklyn’s Bushwick - Urban Renewal in New York, USA: Community, Planning and Sustainable Environments [1 ed.]    Springer International Publishing    2014
    978-3-319-05761-3, 978-3-319-05762-0       
John Dighton, Jennifer Adams Krumins (eds.)    Biodiversity, Community and Ecosystems 1    Springer Netherlands    2014
    Interactions in Soil: Promoting Plant Growth [1 ed.]       
    978-94-017-8889-2, 978-94-017-8890-8       
Teiji Sota, Hideki Kagata, Yoshino Ando, Shunsuke Utsumi, Takashi Osono (auth.)    SpringerBriefs in biology    Springer Japan    2014
    Species Diversity and Community Structure: Novel Patterns and Processes in Plants, Insects, and Fungi [1 ed.]       
    978-4-431-54261-2, 4431542612, 978-4-431-54260-5       
Keith Langston, Anita Peti-Stantić    Palgrave Studies in Minority Languages and Communities    Palgrave Macmillan    2014
    Language Planning and National Identity in Croatia       
    113739059X, 9781137390592       
Robin Paul Malloy    Cambridge Disability Law and Policy Series    Cambridge University Press    2014
    Land Use Law and Disability: Planning and Zoning for Accessible Communities       
    0521193931, 9780521193931       
Dr. Jaimie Hicks Masterson, Walter Gillis Peacock, Shannon S. Van Zandt, Himanshu Grover, Lori Feild Schwarz, John T. Cooper Jr. (auth.)    Planning for Community Resilience: A Handbook for Reducing Vulnerability to Disasters    Island Press/Center for Resource Economics    2014
    978-1-59726-641-3, 978-1-61091-586-1       
Keith Langston, Anita Peti-Stantić (auth.)    Palgrave Studies in Minority Languages and Communities    Palgrave Macmillan UK    2014
    Language Planning and National Identity in Croatia       
    978-1-349-48269-6, 978-1-137-39060-8       
Robert Jaffin    Hazardous material (HAZMAT) life cycle management : corporate, community and organizational planning and preparedness    CRC Press    2013
    9781439873885, 1439873887       
Walter Simon de Boef, Abishkar Subedi, Nivaldo Peroni, Marja Thijssen, Elizabeth O'Keeffe    Issues in Agricultural Biodiversity    Routledge    2013
    Community Biodiversity Management: Promoting resilience and the conservation of plant genetic resources [1 ed.]       
    0415502195, 9780415502191       
L. Michele Issel    Health Program Planning And Evaluation: A Practical, Systematic Approach for Community Health [3 ed.]    Jones & Bartlett Learning    2013
    1284021041, 9781284021042       
Derek J. Paulsen    Crime and Planning: Building Socially Sustainable Communities    CRC Press    2012
    9781439871669, 1439871663       
Jeffrey Tumlin    Sustainable Transportation Planning: Tools for Creating Vibrant, Healthy, and Resilient Communities [1 ed.]    Wiley    2012
    0470540931, 9780470540930       
Dipika Mukherjee, Maya Khemlani David    National Language Planning and Language Shifts in Malaysian Minority Communities: Speaking in Many Tongues    Amsterdam University Press    2011
    9089642714, 9789089642714, 9789048513383       
Annie Leonard    The Story of Stuff: The Impact of Overconsumption on the Planet, Our Communities, and Our Health-And How We Can Make It Better [Reprint ed.]    Free Press    2011
    1451610297, 9781451610291       
Timothy Spira    Wildflowers and Plant Communities of the Southern Appalachian Mountains and Piedmont: A Naturalist's Guide to the Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia (Southern Gateways Guides)    The University of North Carolina Press    2011
    0807871729, 9780807871720, 0807834408, 9780807834404       
Timothy P. Spira    Southern gateways    University of North Carolina Press    2011
    Wildflowers and plant communities of the southern Appalachian Mountains and Piedmont : a naturalist's guide to the Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia       
    9780807877654, 0807877654       
Stephen J. Coyle, Andrés Duany    Wiley Series in Sustainable Design    Wiley    2011
    Sustainable and Resilient Communities: A Comprehensive Action Plan for Towns, Cities, and Regions [1 ed.]       
    0470536470, 9780470536476       
Wendy Sarkissian, Dianna Hurford    Creative Community Planning: Transformative Engagement Methods for Working at the Edge (Tools for Community Planning)    Earthscan Publications Ltd.    2010
    1844078469, 9781844078462       
Annie Leonard    The Story of Stuff: How Our Obsession with Stuff Is Trashing the Planet, Our Communities, and Our Health-and a Vision for Change    Free Press    2010
    143912566X, 9781439125663, 1849010382, 9781849010382       
Francisco Pugnaire    Positive Plant Interactions and Community Dynamics    CRC Press    2010
    1439824940, 9781439824948       
Nabeel Hamdi    The Placemaker's Guide to Building Community (Tools for Community Planning)    Earthscan Publications Ltd.    2010
    1844078027, 9781844078028, 1844078035, 9781844078035       
Vladimir Novotny, Jack Ahern, Paul Brown    Water Centric Sustainable Communities: Planning, Retrofitting and Building the Next Urban Environment [1 ed.]        2010
    0470476087, 9780470476086, 9780470642825, 9780470642832, 9780470642849, 9780470949962, 9780470951699, 9780470951934       
Maryke van Staden, Francesco Musco (auth.), Maryke van Staden, Francesco Musco (eds.)    Advances in Global Change Research 39    Springer Netherlands    2010
    Local Governments and Climate Change: Sustainable Energy Planning and Implementation in Small and Medium Sized Communities [1 ed.]       
    1402095309, 9781402095306       
Vladimir Novotny, Jack Ahern, Paul Brown(auth.)    Water Centric Sustainable Communities: Planning, Retrofitting, and Building the Next Urban Environment        2010
    9780470476086, 9780470949962       
Tang, Zhenghong    Environmental science engineering and technology series    Nova Science Publishers    2010
    Eco-city and green community : the evolution of planning theory and practice       
    9781608768110, 1608768112, 137-139-149-1       
Brent Yarnal, Colin Polsky, James O'Brien    Sustainable Communities on a Sustainable Planet: The Human-Environment Regional Observatory Project [1 ed.]        2009
    0521895693, 9780521895699, 9780511635694       
Bill Shipley    From Plant Traits to Vegetation Structure: Chance and Selection in the Assembly of Ecological Communities [1 ed.]        2009
    052111747X, 9780521117470, 0521133556, 9780521133555       
Committee to Review the U.S. ITER Science Participation Planning Process, Plasma Science Committee, National Research Council    A Review of the DOE Plan for U.S. Fusion Community Participation in the ITER Program    National Academies Press    2009
    9780309124751, 0309124751       
Wendy Sarkissian, Wiwik Bunjamin-Mau    SpeakOut: The Step-by-Step Guide to SpeakOuts and Community Workshops (Tools for Community Planning)    Routledge    2009
    1844077047, 9781844077045, 9781441617361       
Larry D. Gragg    The Quaker Community on Barbados: Challenging the Culture of the Planter Class [First ed.]    University of Missouri Press    2009
    0826218474, 9780826218476       
Carolyn Whitzman    The Handbook of Community Safety, Gender and Violence Prevention: Practical Planning Tools        2008
    184407501X, 9781844075010, 9781435634619       
Jeffrey R. Ryan    Pandemic Influenza: Emergency Planning and Community Preparedness [1 ed.]    CRC Press    2008
    9781420060874, 1420060872, 9781420060881       
Nick Wates, John Thompson    The Community Planning Event Manual: How to use Collaborative Planning and Urban Design Events to Improve your Environment (Tools for Community Planning)    EarthScan    2008
    1844074927, 9781844074921       
Tom Angotti    Urban and Industrial Environments)    The MIT Press    2008
    New York for Sale: Community Planning Confronts Global Real Estate (Urban and Industrial Environments)       
    0262012472, 9780262012478       
Gavin Shatkin    Collective Action and Urban Poverty Alleviation: Community Organizations and the Struggle for Shelter in Manila (Urban and Regional Planning and Development Series)        2007
    0754647862, 9780754647867, 9780754683247       
Roger C. Anderson, James S. Fralish, Jerry M. Baskin    Savannas, Barrens, and Rock Outcrop Plant Communities of North America [1 ed.]        2007
    0521035813, 9780521035811       
Takayuki Ohgushi, Timothy P. Craig, Peter W. Price    Ecological Communities: Plant Mediation in Indirect Interaction Webs        2007
    0521850398, 9780521850391       
Ragan M. Callaway    Positive Interactions and Interdependence in Plant Communities [1 ed.]    Springer    2007
    1402062230, 9781402062230       
Jill Grant    RTPI Library Series    Routledge    2005
    Planning the Good Community [New edition]       
    9780415700757, 0415700752, 0415700744, 9780415700740, 9780203479469       
Ann Forsyth    Reforming Suburbia: The Planned Communities of Irvine, Columbia, and The Woodlands [1 ed.]        2005
    0520241657, 9780520241657, 9781417595884       
Chris Duerksen, Cara Snyder    Nature-Friendly Communities: Habitat Protection And Land Use Planning [1 ed.]        2005
    1559635932, 9781559635936, 1559638656, 9781559638654, 9781429495295       
Jill Grant    Planning the Good Community        2005
    0203479467, 9780203479469       
David Walters, Linda Brown    Design First: Design-based Planning for Communities [1 ed.]    Architectural Press    2004
    9780750659345, 0750659343, 9781417537365       
David Walters, Linda Brown    Design First: Design-based Planning for Communities [1 ed.]    Architectural Press    2004
    9780750659345, 0750659343       
Stephen M. Wheeler    Planning for Sustainability: Creating Livable, Equitable and Ecological Communities    Routledge    2004
Howard Frumkin, Lawrence Frank, Richard Joseph Jackson    Urban Sprawl and Public Health: Designing, Planning, and Building for Healthy Communities [1 ed.]        2004
    1559633050, 9781559633055, 9781423765592       
N. El Bassam, P. Maegaard,    Integrated Renewable Energy for Rural Communities: Planning Guidelines, Technologies and Applications    Elsevier Science    2004
    0444510141, 9780444510143, 9780080473086       
Caroline S. Clauss-Ehlers Ph.D., Mark D. Weist Ph.D. (auth.), Caroline S. Clauss-Ehlers, Mark D. Weist (eds.)    Community Planning to Foster Resilience in Children [1 ed.]    Springer US    2004
    978-1-4757-0981-0, 978-0-306-48544-2       
C. D. Pigott, D. A. Ratcliffe, A. J. C. Malloch, H. J. B. Birks, M. C. F. Proctor, J. S. Rodwell    British Plant Communities: Volume 5, Maritime Communities and Vegetation of Open Habitats (British Plant Communities)        2000
    0521391679, 9780521391672       
Nick Wates    The Community Planning Handbook: How People Can Shape Their Cities, Towns and Villages in Any Part of the World (Tools for Community Planning)        2000
    9781853836541, 1853836540       
Michael Fenner    Seeds: The Ecology of Regeneration in Plant Communities (Second Edition) [Second ed.]    CABI    2000
    0851994326, 9780851994321, 9780851999470       
Fenner, M. (Eds.)    Seeds: the ecology of regeneration in plant communities    CABI    2000
    0851994326, 978-1-78064-183-6       
Claire Freeman, Paul Henderson, Jane Kettle    Planning With Children for Better Communities: The Challenge to Professionals    Policy Pr    1999
    1861341881, 9781861341884       
W . Arthur Mehrhoff    Cities and Planning    SAGE Publications, Inc    1999
    Community Design: A Team Approach to Dynamic Community Systems       
    0761905960, 9780761905967       
Robert Greenwald    50 Fabulous Planned Retirement Communities for Active Adults: A Comprehensive Directory of Outstanding Master-Planned Residential Developments    Career Press    1998
    1564143473, 9781564143471       
European Communities    Multilingual Illustrated Dictionary of Aquatic Animals and Plants [2nd ed.]    European Commission    1998
    9282818861, 9789282818862       
Raymond J. Burby    Natural Hazards and Disasters    Joseph Henry Press    1998
    Cooperating with Nature: Confronting Natural Hazards with Land-Use Planning for Sustainable Communities       
    0309063620, 9780309063623       
Howell S. Baum    Suny Series on Urban Public Policy    State University of New York Press    1997
    The Organization of Hope: Communities Planning Themselves       
    0791431932, 9780791431931       
Merrelyn Emery    The Search Conference: A Powerful Method for Planning Organizational Change and Community Action (Jossey-Bass Public Administration) [1st ed.]    Jossey-Bass    1996
    078790192X, 9780787901929       
William J. Bond, Brian W. van Wilgen (auth.)    Population and Community Biology Series 14    Springer Netherlands    1996
    Fire and Plants [1 ed.]       
    978-94-010-7170-3, 978-94-009-1499-5       
William J. Bond, B.W. van Wilgen    Fire and Plants (Population and Community Biology Series) [1 ed.]    Springer    1996
    0412475405, 9780412475405       
Kathryn A. Davis    Studies in Bilingualism    John Benjamins Publishing Company    1994
    Language Planning in Multilingual Contexts: Policies, communities, and schools in Luxembourg       
    9027241112, 9789027241115       
William S. Worley    J. C. Nichols and the Shaping of Kansas City: Innovation in Planned Residential Communities    University of Missouri    1993
    0826209262, 9780826209269       
Ulrich Seeliger (Eds.)    Coastal Plant Communities of Latin America        1992
    978-0-08-092567-7, 0-12-634550-3       
John S. Rodwell    British Plant Communities, Volume 1: Woodlands and Scrub    Cambridge University Press    1991
    0521235588, 9780521235587       
Stanley Buder    Visionaries and Planners: The Garden City Movement and the Modern Community    Oxford University Press, USA    1990
    0195061748, 9780195061741, 9781423737223       
Ulrich Sommer (auth.), Ulrich Sommer (eds.)    Brock/Springer Series in Contemporary Bioscience    Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg    1989
    Plankton Ecology: Succession in Plankton Communities [1 ed.]       
    978-3-642-74892-9, 978-3-642-74890-5       
David W. Shenk, Ervin R. Stutzman    Creating communities of the kingdom: New Testament models of church planting    Herald Press    1988
    0836134702, 9780836134704       
Charles L. Choguill (auth.)    Urban Innovation Abroad    Springer US    1987
    New Communities for Urban Squatters: Lessons from the Plan That Failed in Dhaka, Bangladesh       
    978-0-306-42545-5, 978-1-4613-1863-7       
R. K. Peet (auth.), R. K. Peet (eds.)    Advances in vegetation science 7    Springer Netherlands    1985
    Plant community ecology: Papers in honor of Robert H. Whittaker       
    978-94-010-8939-5, 978-94-009-5526-4       
H. Dierschke (auth.), R. Neuhäusl, H. Dierschke, J. J. Barkman (eds.)    Advances in vegetation science 5    Springer Netherlands    1985
    Chorological phenomena in plant communities: Proceedings of 26th International Symposium of the International Association for Vegetation Science, held at Prague, 5–8 April 1982       
    978-94-010-8931-9, 978-94-009-5508-0       
J. S. P. Jones, C. Lund, H. T. Planteydt (auth.)    Colour Atlas of Mesothelioma: Prepared for the Commission of the European Communities, Directorate-General Employment, Social Affairs and Education, Industrial Medicine and Hygiene Division [1 ed.]    Springer Netherlands    1985
    978-94-011-7317-9, 978-94-011-7315-5       
J. Gretz (auth.), J. Gretz, A. Strub, W. Palz (eds.)    Solar Energy R&D in the European Community 2    Springer Netherlands    1985
    Thermo-Mechanical Solar Power Plants: Proceddings of the Second International Workshop on the Design, Construction and Operation of Solar Central Receiver Projects, Varese, Italy, 4–8 June, 1984 [1 ed.]       
    978-94-010-8885-5, 978-94-009-5402-1       
W. D. Billings (auth.), Brian F. Chabot, Harold A. Mooney (eds.)    Physiological Ecology of North American Plant Communities    Springer Netherlands    1985
    978-94-010-8641-7, 978-94-009-4830-3       
Ph. Plancquaert, J. L. Raphalen, P. D. Hebblethwaite, T. C. K. Dawkins, M. C. Heath, G. Lockwood (eds.)    World Crops: Production, Utilization, Description 10    Springer    1984
    Vicia faba: Agronomy, Physiology and Breeding: Proceedings of a Seminar in the CEC Programme of Coordination of Research on Plant Protein Improvement, held at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, 14–16 September 1983. Sponsored by the Commission of the European Communities, Directorate-General for Agriculture, Coordination of Agricultural Research [1st ed.]       
    978-90-481-8279-4, 978-94-017-3647-3       
M.L. SHARMA (Eds.)    Developments in Agricultural and Managed Forest Ecology 13    Elsevier Science Ltd    1984
    Evapotranspiration from Plant Communities       
    978-0-444-42250-7, 0-444-42250-1, 0-444-41515-7       
David Lane, Sheila Noble, Michael Tidball, Sam Twigg (eds.)    The Quiet Evolution: The Planning, Development, Management and Provision of Community Services for the Mentally Handicapped    Macmillan Education UK    1983
    978-0-333-35175-8, 978-1-349-17078-4       
Robert H. Whittaker (auth.), Robert H. Whittaker (eds.)    Handbook of Vegetation Science 5-2    Springer Netherlands    1982
    Ordination of Plant Communities [1 ed.]       
    978-90-6193-565-0, 978-94-009-7989-5       
T.T. Kozlowski (Eds.)    Woody Plant Communities    Academic Press    1981
    978-0-12-424156-5, 0-12-424156-5, 9780323144919, 0323144918       
Robert H. Whittaker (auth.), Robert H. Whittaker (eds.)    Classification of Plant Communities 5-1    Springer Netherlands    1980
    Classification of Plant Communities [1 ed.]       
    978-90-6193-566-7, 978-94-009-9183-5       
Eddy van der Maarel (auth.), Eddy van der Maarel, Marinus J. A. Werger (eds.)    Plant Species and Plant Communities: Proceedings of the International Symposium held at Nijmegen, November 11–12, 1976 in honour of Professor Dr. Victor Westhoff on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday [1 ed.]    Springer Netherlands    1978
    978-90-6193-591-9, 978-94-009-9987-9       
John H. Steele (auth.), John H. Steele (eds.)    NATO Conference Series 3    Springer US    1978
    Spatial Pattern in Plankton Communities [1 ed.]       
    978-1-4899-2197-0, 978-1-4899-2195-6       
Joint Commission of Illinois Department of Public Health    Standing Together - An Emergency Planning Guide for America’s Communities       
A L Smith; C Michael Bull; D A Driscoll    Successional specialization in a reptile community cautions against widespread planned burning and complete fire suppression       
    9781405899215, 978-1-4058-9908-6