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E. Drissen, F. van Winden (auth.), Professor Dr. Dr. Dieter Bös, Professor Dr. Sijbren Cnossen (eds.)    Population Economics    Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg    1992
    Fiscal Implications of an Aging Population [1 ed.]       
    978-3-642-77252-8, 978-3-642-77250-4       
Lans Bovenberg, Sijbren Cnossen (auth.), Lans Bovenberg, Sijbren Cnossen (eds.)    Natural Resource Management and Policy 8    Springer Netherlands    1995
    Public Economics and the Environment in an Imperfect World [1 ed.]       
    978-94-010-4289-5, 978-94-011-0661-0       
Sijbren Cnossen (Editor), Hans-Werner Sinn (Editor)    Public Finance and Public Policy in the New Century (CESifo Seminar Series)        2003
    0262033046, 9780262033046, 9780585480237       
Sijbren Cnossen (auth.), Sijbren Cnossen (eds.)    Tax Coordination in the European Community [1 ed.]    Springer Netherlands    1987
    978-94-017-3208-6, 978-94-017-3206-2       
Sijbren Cnossen    Theory and Practice of Excise Taxation: Smoking, Drinking, Gambling, Polluting, and Driving    Oxford University Press, USA    2005
    0199278598, 9780199278596, 9781435623750    

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