Data Buku Fungicides Books

Data Buku Fungicides  Books



  Author(s) Title Publisher Year
  Maurice B. Green and Douglas A. Spilker (Eds.) ACS Symposium Volume 304 American Chemical Society 1986
    Fungicide Chemistry. Advances and Practical Applications  
    9780841209633, 9780841211391, 0-8412-0963-4    
  T S Thind Fungicide resistance in crop protection : risk and management CABI 2012
    9781845939052, 1845939050    
  Hideo Ishii, Derek William Hollomon (eds.) Fungicide Resistance in Plant Pathogens: Principles and a Guide to Practical Management [1 ed.] Springer Japan 2015
    978-4-431-55641-1, 978-4-431-55642-8    
  Odile Carisse Fungicides    
  Hewitt, H. G.; Oliver, R. P Fungicides in crop protection [2nd edition] CABI 2014
    978-1-78064-166-9, 978-1-78064-167-6, 1780641664, 1780641672  
  Ernest W. Flick Elite William Andrew 1989
    Fungicides, Biocides And Preservative For Industrial And Agricultural Applications [1st edition]
    9780815511250, 0815511256    
  Ernest W. Flick Fungicides, BIocides and Preservative for Industrial and Agricultural Applications [1 ed.] William Andrew 1989
    0815511256, 9780815511250    
  Flick, Ernest W. Fungicides, Biocides and Preservatives for Industrial and Agricultural Applications William Andrew Publishing/Noyes 1987
    978-0-8155-1730-6, 978-0-8155-1125-0, 0-8155-1125-6, 0815517300  
  Gunter Zweig (Eds.) Fungicides, Nematocides and Soil Fumigants, Rodenticides and Food and Feed Additives 1964
  J. A. A. Renwick, J. P. Vité (auth.), Professor Dr. Richard Wegler (eds.) Chemie der Pflanzenschutz- und Schadlingsbekampfungsmittel 6 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1981
    Insektizide · Bakterizide · Oomyceten-Fungizide / Biochemische und biologische Methoden · Naturstoffe / Insecticides · Bactericides · Oomycete Fungicides / Biochemical and Biological Methods · Natural Products [1 ed.]
    978-3-642-67780-9, 978-3-642-67778-6    
  T R Roberts; D H Hutson Metabolic Pathways of Agrochemicals Part 2: Insecticides and Fungicides Royal Society of Chemistry 1999
    9780854044993, 9781847551375, 9781847551382, 1847551386  
  George Kuepper; Richard Earles; Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (Organization) Agronomy technical notes (Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (Organization)) ATTRA 1999
    Use of baking soda as a fungicide    

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