Hans Kelsen Books - Data Buku

Hans Kelsen Books - Data Buku

Author(s)    Title    Publisher    Year

*    Hans Kelsen    The Political Theory of Bolshevism: A Critical Analysis    University of California Press    1948
        1584777648, 9781584777649       
*    Hans Kelsen    20th century legal philosophy series    Harvard University Press    1949
        General theory of law and state       
        1886363749, 1584777176, 9781886363748, 9781584777175       
*    Hans. Kelsen    A Sociological Inquiry    University of Chicago Press    1943
        Society and Nature       
*    Hans Kelsen, A. Javier Trevino    General Theory of Law and State (Law and Society Series)        2005
        1412804949, 9781412804943       
*    Hans Kelsen    Peace through Law        2008
        1584771038, 9781584771036, 0824004922, 9780824004927, 1584779209, 9781584779209       
*    Hans Kelsen    Introduction to the Problems of Legal Theory: A Translation of the First Edition of the Reine Rechtslehre or Pure Theory of Law        1992
        0198255683, 9780198265658, 9780198255680, 0198265654       
*    Hans Kelsen    A New Science of Politics: Hans Kelsen's Reply to Eric Voegelin's ''New Science of Politics''        2005
        3937202501, 9783937202501       
*    Hans Kelsen    Pure Theory of Law        2009
        1584775785, 9781584775782, 1584772069, 9781584772064       
*    Hans. Kelsen    Society and Nature. A Sociological Inquiry.     University of Chicago Press    1943
*    Jochen Von Bernstorff and Thomas Dunlap    Cambridge Studies In International and Comparative Law    Cambridge University Press    2010
        The Public International Law Theory of Hans Kelsen: Believing in Universal Law       
        0521516188, 9780521516181, 9780511776465       
*    Hans Kelsen    The Communist Theory of Law    PRAEGER PUBLISHERS    1955
*    Hans Kelsen (auth.)    Synthese Library 57    Springer Netherlands    1973
        Essays in Legal and Moral Philosophy [1 ed.]       
        978-94-010-2655-0, 978-94-010-2653-6       
*    Lars Vinx    Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law    Cambridge University Press    2015
        The Guardian of the Constitution: Hans Kelsen and Carl Schmitt on the Limits of Constitutional Law       
        110709268X, 9781107092686       
*    Hans Kelsen; N Urbinati, C Invernizzi Accetti (eds.)    The Essence and Value of Democracy    Rowman & Littlefield    2013
        0742533034, 9780742533035       
*    D.A. Jeremy Telman (eds.)    Law and Philosophy Library 116    Springer International Publishing    2016
        Hans Kelsen in America - Selective Affinities and the Mysteries of Academic Influence [1 ed.]       
        978-3-319-33128-7, 978-3-319-33130-0       
*    Kelsen Hans.    The Law of the United Nations, a Critical Analysis of its Fundamental Problems. With Supplement       
*    Hans Kelsen    Reine Rechtslehre    Ósterreichische Staatsdruckerei    1992
*    Hans Kelsen    Geneva Studies    Geneva Research Center    1939
        Legal technique in international law       
*    Hans Kelsen    General Theory of Norms    Oxford University Press    1991
*    Hans Kelsen    General Theory of Norms    Clarendon Press    1991
        019825217X, 9780198252177       
*    Ian Bryan, Peter Langford, John McGarry    The Reconstruction of the Juridico-Political: Affinity and Divergence in Hans Kelsen and Max Weber [1 ed.]    Routledge    2015
        0415524822, 9780415524827       
*    Hans Kelsen    Secular religion: a polemic against the misinterpretation of modern social philosophy, science and politics as "new religion" [2011 reissue ed.]    Springer    1964
        3709107652, 9783709107652       
*    Hans Kelsen    Essays in Legal and Moral Philosophy    Reidel Publishing Company    1973
*    Hans Kelsen    Pure Theory of Law [2nd ed.]    University of California Press    1967
*    Heller, Hermann; Caldwell, Peter C.; Kelsen, Hans; Smend, Rudolf; Schmitt, Carl    Popular Sovereignty and the Crisis of German Constitutional Law: The Theory and Practice of Weimar Constitutionalism    Duke University Press    1997
        9780822319795, 0822319799, 9780822319887, 0822319888       
*    Lars Vinx    Hans Kelsen’s Pure Theory of Law: Legality and Legitimacy    OUP Oxford    2007
        0199227950, 9780199227952       
*    Hans Kelsen    What is Justice? Justice, Law, and Politics in the Mirror of Science    University of California Press    1971


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