Self-Regulated Learning Books - Data Buku

Self-Regulated Learning Books - Data Buku


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Author(s)    Title    Publisher    Year

*    Maria K. DiBenedetto    Connecting Self-regulated Learning and Performance with Instruction Across High School Content Areas [1st ed.]    Springer International Publishing    2018
        978-3-319-90926-4, 978-3-319-90928-8       
*    Heidi L. Andrade, Margaret Heritage    Student Assessment for Educators    Routledge    2017
        Using Formative Assessment to Enhance Learning, Achievement, and Academic Self-Regulation       
        1138653004, 9781138653009       
*    Heath Rose    Second Language Acquisition    Multilingual Matters    2017
        The Japanese Writing System: Challenges, Strategies and Self-Regulation for Learning Kanji       
        1783098147, 9781783098149       
*    Heath Rose    The Japanese Writing System. Challenges, Strategies and Self-Regulation for Learning Kanji    Multilingual Matters    2017
*    Dale H. Schunk y Jeffrey A. Greene    xixaro    Routledge    2017
        Handbook of Self-Regulation of Learning and Performance       
*    Dale H. Schunk, Jeffrey A. Greene    Handbook of Self-Regulation of Learning and Performance [2 ed.]    Routledge    2017
*    Rebecca L. Oxford    Teaching and Researching Language Learning Strategies: Self-Regulation in Context [2nd ed.]    Routledge    2017
*    Myron H. Dembo; Helena Seli    Motivation and learning strategies for college success: a focus on self-regulated learning [5th edition]    Routledge    2016
*    Myron H. Dembo; Helena Seli    Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success: A Focus on Self-Regulated Learning [Paperback ed.]    Routledge    2016
        1138850349, 9781138850347       
*    Gayle L. Macklem (auth.)    SpringerBriefs in Psychology - SpringerBriefs in School Psychology    Springer International Publishing    2015
        Boredom in the Classroom: Addressing Student Motivation, Self-Regulation, and Engagement in Learning [1 ed.]       
        978-3-319-13119-1, 978-3-319-13120-7       
*    Héfer Bembenutty, Marie C. White, Miriam R. Vélez (auth.)    SpringerBriefs in Education    Springer Netherlands    2015
        Developing Self-regulation of Learning and Teaching Skills Among Teacher Candidates [1 ed.]       
        978-94-017-9949-2, 978-94-017-9950-8       
*    Linda Nilson, Barry J. Zimmerman    Creating Self-Regulated Learners: Strategies to Strengthen Students’ Self-Awareness and Learning Skills    Stylus Publishing    2013
        1579228674, 9781579228675       
*    Maureen Snow Andrade, Norman W. Evans    ESL & Applied Linguistics Professional Series    Routledge    2012
        Principles and Practices for Response in Second Language Writing: Developing Self-Regulated Learners [1 ed.]       
        0415897017, 9780415897013       
*    Jos Beishuizen, Karl Steffens (auth.), Roberto Carneiro, Paul Lefrere, Karl Steffens, Jean Underwood (eds.)    Technology Enhanced Learning 5    SensePublishers    2011
        Self-Regulated Learning in Technology Enhanced Learning Environments: A European Perspective       
*    Héfer Bembenutty (ed.)    New Directions for Teaching and Learning 126    Jossey-Bass    2011
        Self-Regulated Learning       
        1118091639, 9781118091630       
*    Giulana Dettori, Donatella Persico    Premier Reference Source    Information Science Publishing    2010
        Fostering Self-Regulated Learning Through ICT [1 ed.]       
        1616929014, 9781616929015       
*    Nancy E. Perry    Using Qualitative Methods To Enrich Understandings of Self-regulated Learning: A Special Issue of educational Psychologist [1 ed.]    Routledge    2002
        0805896708, 9780805896701, 9781410608529       
*    Barry J. Zimmerman, Sebastian Bonner, Robert Kovach    Developing Self-Regulated Learners: Beyond Achievement to Self-Efficacy (Psychology in the Classroom) [1 ed.]        1996
        1557983925, 9781557983923       
*    Barry J. Zimmerman (auth.), Barry J. Zimmerman, Dale H. Schunk (eds.)    Springer Series in Cognitive Development : Progress in Cognitive Development Research    Springer-Verlag New York    1989
        Self-Regulated Learning and Academic Achievement: Theory, Research, and Practice [1 ed.]       
        978-1-4612-8180-1, 978-1-4612-3618-4

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