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Radio Wave Books - Data Buku


Radio Wave Books - Data Buku


Jika yg dibutuhkan belum termasuk di daftar berikut, bisa dicoba request via email/WA kami.

Author(s)    Title    Publisher    Year

*    G. Udhaya Sankar    Temperature of Black Holes and Minimum Wavelength of Radio Waves [4]    Technoscience Academy    2018
*    Christopher John Coleman    Analysis and Modeling of Radio Wave Propagation    Cambridge University Press    2017
*    Christopher John Coleman    Analysis and Modeling of Radio Wave Propagation    Cambridge University Press    2017
*    Gökhan Apaydin, Levent Sevgi    Radio Wave Propagation and Parabolic Equation Modeling    Wiley    2017
*    Zilles, Anne    Springer theses    Springer    2017
        Emission of radio waves in particle showers : validation of microscopic simulations with the SLAC T-510 experiment and their potential in the future square kilometre array       
        978-3-319-63411-1, 3319634119, 978-3-319-63410-4       
*    Joe Wiart    Focus: Waves    Wiley-ISTE    2016
        Radio-Frequency Human Exposure Assessment: From Deterministic to Stochastic Methods [1 ed.]       
        1848218567, 978-1-84821-856-7       
*    Kanatas, Athanasios G    A Colour Atlas    CRC Press    2016
        Radio Wave Propagation and Channel Modeling for Earth'Space Systems       
        978-1-4822-4971-2, 1482249715       
*    Shinohara, Naoki    Waves series    Wiley-ISTE    2014
        Wireless Power Transfer via Radiowaves [1 ed.]       
        978-1-84821-605-1, 9781118862957, 1118862953, 184821605X       
*    M Goss (auth.)    Astronomers' Universe    Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg    2013
        Making Waves: The Story of Ruby Payne-Scott: Australian Pioneer Radio Astronomer [1 ed.]       
        978-3-642-35751-0, 978-3-642-35752-7       
*    Chen-Pang Yeang    Probing the Sky with Radio Waves: From Wireless Technology to the Development of Atmospheric Science    University Of Chicago Press    2013
        022601519X, 9780226015194       
*    Les Barclay    IET Electromagnetic Waves Series 56    The Institution of Engineering and Technology    2012
        Propagation of Radiowaves [3rd ed.]       
        1849195781, 9781849195782       
*    J.E. Allnutt    IET Electromagnetic Waves Series 54    The Institution of Engineering And Technology    2011
        Satellite-to-Ground Radiowave Propagation [2nd ed.]       
        1849191506, 9781849191500       
*    Ignacio González Insua    Beiträge aus der Informationstechnik    Jörg Vogt Verlag    2010
        Optical generation of mm-wave signals for use in broadband radio over fiber systems [1 ed.]       
        3938860405, 9783938860403       
*    K. G. Budden    Radio waves in the ionosphere [1 ed.]    Cambridge University Press    2009
        9780521114394, 052111439X       
*    William F. Young, Kate A. Remley, John Ladbury, Christopher L. Holloway, Chriss Grosvenor, Galen Koepke, Dennis Camell, Sander Floris, Wouter Numan, Andrea Garuti    NIST Technical Note 1552    National Institute of Standards and Technology    2009
        Measurements to Support Public Safety Communications: Attenuation and Variability of 750 MHz Radio Wave Signals in Four Large Building Structures       
*    Christopher Haslett    The Cambridge Wireless Essentials Series    Cambridge University Press    2008
        Essentials of Radio Wave Propagation [1 ed.]       
        052187565X, 9780521875653, 9780511371127       
*    John A. Richards    Radio wave propagation an introduction for the non-specialist [1 ed.]    Springer    2008
        3540771247, 9783540771241       
*    Emilio Segrè    From Falling Bodies to Radio Waves: Classical Physicists and Their Discoveries    Dover Publications    2007
        0486458083, 9780486458083       
*    Hervé Sizun (auth.)    Signals and Communication Technology    Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg    2005
        Radio Wave Propagation for Telecommunication Applications [1 ed.]       
        978-3-540-40758-4, 978-3-540-26668-6       
*    M. A. Gordon (auth.)    Astrophysics and Space Science Library 323    Springer Netherlands    2005
        Recollections of “Tucson Operations”: The Millimeter-Wave Observatory of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory [1 ed.]       
        978-1-4020-3235-6, 978-1-4020-3236-3       
*    William G. Melbourne    Deep-Space Communications and Navigation Series 6    Wiley-Interscience    2004
        Radio Occultations Using Earth Satellites: A Wave Theory Treatment (Deep-Space Communications and Navigation Series 6) [1 ed.]       
        0471712221, 9780471712220       
*    H. Sizun    Radio Wave Propagation for Telecommunication Applications (Signals and Communication Technology) [1 ed.]    Springer    2004
        3540407588, 9783540407584       
*    Alexander Kukushkin    Radio Wave Propagation in the Marine Boundary Layer    Wiley-VCH    2004
        3527404589, 9783527404582, 9783527604555       
*    N.A. Armand, V.M. Polyakov    Radio Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing of the Environment [1 ed.]    CRC Press    2004
        0415317355, 9780415317351       
*    Les W. Barclay    Electromagnetic Waves    IEE    2003
        Propagation of radiowaves [2ed.]       
        9780852961025, 0852961022       
*    Les W. Barclay    Propagation of Radiowaves, 2nd Edition (Electromagnetic Waves) [2 ed.]        2002
        0852961022, 9780852961025       
*        Radio Astronomy at Long Wavelengths    American Geophysical Union    2000
        9780875909776, 9781118668368       
*    Robert G. Stone, Kurt W. Weiler, Melvyn L. Goldstein, Jean-Louis Bougeret    Geophysical Monograph Series    John Wiley & Sons    2000
        Radio Astronomy at Long Wavelengths [Volume 119 ed.]       
        0875909779, 9780875909776       
*        IEEE Standard Definitions of Terms for Radio Wave Propagation        1997
*    Mariya Sergeevna Tolgskaya, Zinaida Vasil’evna Gordon (auth.)    Studies in Soviet Science    Springer US    1995
        Pathological Effects of Radio Waves [1 ed.]       
        978-1-4684-8421-2, 978-1-4684-8419-9       
*    M. Dolukhanov    Propagation of Radio Waves    URSS    1995
*    Gething, P. J. D    IEE electromagnetic waves series 33    P. Peregrinus on behalf of the Institution of Electrical Engineers    1991
        Radio direction finding and superresolution [2nd ed]       
        0-86341-238-6, 978-086341-238-7       
*    Davies, Kenneth    IEE electromagnetic waves series 31    P. Peregrinus on behalf of the Institution of Electrical Engineers    1989
        Ionospheric radio       
        0-86341-186-X, 978-0-86341-186-1       
*    K. G. Budden    The Propagation of Radio Waves: The Theory of Radio Waves of Low Power in the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere    Cambridge University Press    1988
        9780511564321, 9780521254618, 9780521369527       
*    Kerr, Donald E    IEE electromagnetic waves series 24    P. Peregrinus on behalf of the Institution of Electrical Engineers    1987
        Propagation of short radio waves [Rev Sub ed.]       
        0-86341-099-5, 9780863410994       
*    Lucien Boithias    Radio Wave Propagation    North Oxford Academic    1987
*    Sir George Deacon, William Rainey, Herbert Rabin (auth.), O. M. Phillips, Klaus Hasselmann (eds.)    Wave Dynamics and Radio Probing of the Ocean Surface [1 ed.]    Springer US    1986
        978-1-4684-8982-8, 978-1-4684-8980-4       
*    Budden K.G.    The propagation of radio waves    CUP    1985
        0521254612, 9780521254618       
*    K. Budden    The Propagation of Radio Waves [physics]    Cambridge    1985
*    M. S. Longuet-Higgins (auth.), Yoshiaki Toba, Hisashi Mitsuyasu (eds.)    The Ocean Surface: Wave Breaking, Turbulent Mixing and Radio Probing [1 ed.]    Springer Netherlands    1985
        978-90-481-8415-6, 978-94-015-7717-5       
*    Hugh G.J. Aitken    Princeton Legacy Library    Princeton University Press    1985
        The Continuous Wave: Technology and American Radio, 1900-1932       
        0691083762, 9780691083766       
*    Jan A. Holtet (auth.)    NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series 10    Springer Netherlands    1974
        ELF-VLF Radio Wave Propagation: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at Spåtind, Norway, April 17–27, 1974 [1 ed.]       
        978-94-010-2267-5, 978-94-010-2265-1       
*    Armel Picquenard (auth.)    Philips Technical Library    Macmillan Education UK    1974
        Radio Wave Propagation       
        978-1-349-01396-8, 978-1-349-01394-4       
*    R. Michael Jones (auth.)    Mitteilungen aus dem Max-Planck-Institut für Aeronomie No. 37, 1968    Springer Berlin Heidelberg    1968
        Application of the Geometrical Theory of Diffraction to Terrestrial LF Radio Wave Propagation       
        978-3-662-34408-8, 978-3-662-34679-2       
*    W T Blackband; North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development. Avionics Panel. Ionospheric Research Committee    AGARDograph 74    Pergamon Press, Elsevier    1964
        Propagation of radio waves at frequencies below 300 kc/s; proceedings of the seventh meeting of the AGARD Ionospheric Research Committee, Munich, 1962       
        978-0-08-010268-9, 0080102689       
*    Nakagami    Pergamon Statistical Methods in Radio Wave Propagation        1960
*    W. C. Hoffman (Eds.)    Statistical Methods in Radio Wave Propagation. Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the University of California, Los Angeles, June 18–20, 1958    Pergamon Press    1960
*    James R. Wait    NBS Technical Note 24    National Bureau of Standards    1959
*    D. Kerr    MIT RadLab {complete set} Vol 13 - Propagation of Short Radio Waves    McGraw-Hill    1951
*    Donald E Kerr    Massachusetts Institute of Technology.; Radiation Laboratory.; Radiation laboratory series 13    New York, McGraw-Hill    1951
        Propagation of short radio waves [1st ed]       
*    Chas. R. Burrows and Stephen S. Attwood (Auth.)    Radio Wave Propagation. Consolidated Summary Technical Report of the Committee on Propagation of the National Defense Research Committee        1949
*    Santoso    Waves of freedom : radio news agency KBR68H       
*    Kukushkin A.    Radio Wave Propagation in the Marine Boudary Layer       

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