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*    Georgina Randsley de Moura; Dominic Abrams; Carina Retter; Sigridur Gunnarsdottir; Kaori Ando    Identification as an organizational anchor: how identification and job satisfaction combine to predict turnover intention
*    Christian Korunka; Peter Hoonakker; Pascale Carayon    Quality of working life and turnover intention in information technology work
*    Jee-In Hwang; Hyejung Chang    Explaining turnover intention in Korean public community hospitals: occupational differences

*    Toby Marshall Egan; Baiyin Yang; Kenneth R. Bartlett    The effects of organizational learning culture and job satisfaction on motivation to transfer learning and turnover intention
*    Marshall Pattie; George S. Benson; Yehuda Baruch    Tuition reimbursement, perceived organizational support, and turnover intention among graduate business school students
*    Baek-Kyoo (Brian) Joo    Organizational commitment for knowledge workers: The roles of perceived organizational learning culture, leader–member exchange quality, and turnover intention
*    Sushanta Kumar Mishra; Deepti Bhatnagar    Linking emotional dissonance and organizational identification to turnover intention and emotional well-being: A study of medical representatives in India
*    Michael S. Cole; Heike Bruch    Organizational identity strength, identification, and commitment and their relationships to turnover intention: does organizational hierarchy matter?
*    Christian Vandenberghe; Alexandra Panaccio; Kathleen Bentein; Karim Mignonac; Patrice Roussel    Assessing longitudinal change of and dynamic relationships among role stressors, job attitudes, turnover intention, and well-being in neophyte newcomers
*    D. Harrison McKnight; Brandis Phillips; Bill C. Hardgrave    Which reduces IT turnover intention the most: Workplace characteristics or job characteristics?
*    Yimin Zhang; Xueshan Feng    The relationship between job satisfaction, burnout, and turnover intention among physicians from urban state-owned medical institutions in Hubei, China: a cross-sectional study

*    Dharmasri Wickramasinghe; Vathsala Wickramasinghe    Perceived organisational support, job involvement and turnover intention in lean production in Sri Lanka
*    Jay P. Mulki; Jorge F. Jaramillo; William B. Locander    Effect of Ethical Climate on Turnover Intention: Linking Attitudinal- and Stress Theory
*    Sean Valentine; Lynn Godkin; Gary M. Fleischman; Roland Kidwell    Corporate Ethical Values, Group Creativity, Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention: The Impact of Work Context on Work Response
*    John W. Whiteoak    The Relationship among Group Process Perceptions, Goal Commitment and Turnover Intention in Small Committee Groups
*    Motoko Honda-Howard; Michiko Homma    Job satisfaction of Japanese career women and its influence on turnover intention
*    Anders Sjöberg; Magnus Sverke    The interactive effect of job involvement and organizational commitment on job turnover revisited: A note on the mediating role of turnover intention
*    Pauline C. Beecroft; Frederick Dorey; Madé Wenten    Turnover intention in new graduate nurses: a multivariate analysis

*    Julianne Parry    Intention to leave the profession: antecedents and role in nurse turnover
*    Karen van Dam; Mauk Meewis; Beatrice I.J.M. van der Heijden    Securing intensive care: towards a better understanding of intensive care nurses’ perceived work pressure and turnover intention

*    Yafang Tsai; Shih-Wang Wu    The relationships between organisational citizenship behaviour, job satisfaction and turnover intention

*    MICHAEL P. LEITER; NICOLE J. JACKSON; KRYSTELLE SHAUGHNESSY    Contrasting burnout, turnover intention, control, value congruence and knowledge sharing between Baby Boomers and Generation X
*    PAO-LONG CHANG; YING-CHYI CHOU; FEI-CHUN CHENG    Career needs, career development programmes, organizational commitment and turnover intention of nurses in Taiwan
*    Miyuki Takase; Phillip Maude; Elizabeth Manias    Nurses’ job dissatisfaction and turnover intention: Methodological myths and an alternative approach
*    Chunfeng Cai; Zongkui Zhou    Structural empowerment, job satisfaction, and turnover intention of Chinese clinical nurses

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*    Maura Galletta; Igor Portoghese; Maria Pietronilla Penna; Adalgisa Battistelli; Luisa Saiani    Turnover intention among Italian nurses: The moderating roles of supervisor support and organizational support

*    John Arnold; Kate Mackenzie Davey    Graduates' Work Experiences as Predictors of rganisational Commitment, Intention to Leave, and Turnover: Which Experiences Really Matter?
*    J.-I. Hwang; H. Chang    Work climate perception and turnover intention among Korean hospital staff
*    William R. Rosengren; Alexa Albert    Training Environments, Work Attitudes, and Turnover Intention
*    David Pitts; John Marvel; Sergio Fernandez    So Hard to Say Goodbye? Turnover Intention among U.S. Federal Employees
*    Ranida B. Harris; Kenneth J. Harris; Paul Harvey    An Examination of the Impact of Supervisor on the Relationship Between Job Strains and Turnover Intention for Computer Workers
*    ROBERT D. COSTIGAN; RICHARD C. INSINGA; J. JASON BERMAN; GRAZYNA KRANAS; VLADIMIR A. KURESHOV    A Four-Country Study of the Relationship of Affect-Based Trust to Turnover Intention
*    George S. Benson    Employee development, commitment and intention to turnover: a test of ‘employability’ policies in action
*    Eunmi Chang    Career Commitment as a Complex Moderator of Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention
*    Inge Houkes; Peter P. M. Janssen; Jan de Jonge; Frans J. N. Nijhuis    Work and Individual Determinants of Intrinsic Work Motivation, Emotional Exhaustion, and Turnover Intention: A Multi-Sample Analysis
*    Moshe Krausz; Nurit Yaakobovitz; Aharon Bizman; Tamir Caspi    Evaluation of Coworker Turnover Outcomes and Its Impact on the Intention to Leave of the Remaining Employees
*    Inge Houkes; Peter P.M. Janssen; Jan de Jonge; Arnold B. Bakker    Specific determinants of intrinsic work motivation, emotional exhaustion and turnover intention: A multisample longitudinal study
*    Haejung LEE; Myoung-Soo KIM; Jung-A YOON    Role of internal marketing, organizational commitment, and job stress in discerning the turnover intention of Korean nurses

*    Chun Hui; Alfred Wong; Dean Tjosvold    Turnover intention and performance in China: The role of positive affectivity, Chinese values, perceived organizational support and constructive controversy
*    Thomas Staufenbiel; Cornelius J. König    A model for the effects of job insecurity on performance, turnover intention, and absenteeism
*    Charles E. Lance    Job performance as a moderator of the satisfaction — turnover intention relation: An empirical contrast of two perspectives
*    Namhyun Kim    Employee Turnover Intention Among Newcomers in Travel Industry
*    E. Alan Hartman; Baron Perlman    Work and nonwork satisfaction, intention to leave and turnover of mental health administrators
*    Sheng-Pao Shih; James J. Jiang; Gary Klein; Eric Wang    Learning demand and job autonomy of IT personnel: Impact on turnover intention
*    Sandy Pin-pin Choi; Samantha Mei-che Pang; Kin Cheung; Thomas Kwok-shing Wong    Stabilizing and destabilizing forces in the nursing work environment: A qualitative study on turnover intention
*    Sara De Gieter; Joeri Hofmans; Roland Pepermans    Revisiting the impact of job satisfaction and organizational commitment on nurse turnover intention: An individual differences analysis
*    Huo-Tsan Chang; Nai-Wen Chi; Min-Chih Miao    Testing the relationship between three-component organizational/occupational commitment and organizational/occupational turnover intention using a non-recursive model
*    Nele De Cuyper; Saija Mauno; Ulla Kinnunen; Anne Mäkikangas    The role of job resources in the relation between perceived employability and turnover intention: A prospective two-sample study
*    Jessica L. O'Neill; Caroline A. Gaither    Investigating the relationship between the practice of pharmaceutical care, construed external image, organizational identification, and job turnover intention of community pharmacists
*    Nasrin Arshadi    The relationships of perceived organizational support (POS) with organizational commitment, in-role performance, and turnover intention: Mediating role of felt obligation
*    Beverley Anne Lansiquot; Susan Tullai-McGuinness; Elizabeth Madigan    Turnover Intention Among Hospital-Based Registered Nurses in the Eastern Caribbean

*    JUNE M. L. POON    Distributive Justice, Procedural Justice, Affective Commitment, and Turnover Intention: A Mediation–Moderation Framework
*    Haejung LEE; Yeonjung LIM; Hee Young JUNG; Youn-Wha SHIN    Turnover intention of graduate nurses in South Korea

*    Kathleen C. Strunk; Kamden K. Strunk    The contribution of personality and workplace characteristics in predicting turnover intention among sexual assault nurse examiners: A path analytic study

*    Mika Kivimäki; Anna Vanhala; Jaana Pentti; Hannakaisa Länsisalmi; Marianna Virtanen; Marko Elovainio; Jussi Vahtera    Team climate, intention to leave and turnover among hospital employees: Prospective cohort study

*    Isik U. Zeytinoglu; Margaret Denton; Sharon Davies; Jennifer Millen Plenderleith    Casualized employment and turnover intention: Home care workers in Ontario, Canada
*    Manish Kumar; Shailendra Singh    Roles of perceived exchange quality and organisational identification in predicting turnover intention
*    Manish Kumar    Roles of Perceived Exchange Quality and Organisational Identification in Predicting Turnover Intention
*    Jichul Jang; R. Thomas George    Understanding the influence of polychronicity on job satisfaction and turnover intention: A study of non-supervisory hotel employees
*    Victoria Bellou    Exploring civic virtue and turnover intention during organizational changes
*    Youjae Yi; Rajan Nataraajan; Taeshik Gong    Customer participation and citizenship behavioral influences on employee performance, satisfaction, commitment, and turnover intention
*    Hannah K. Knudsen; Lori J. Ducharme; Paul M. Roman    Counselor emotional exhaustion and turnover intention in therapeutic communities
*    Hannah K. Knudsen; Lori J. Ducharme; Paul M. Roman    Research participation and turnover intention: An exploratory analysis of substance abuse counselors

*    Georgia Pomaki; Anita DeLongis; Daniela Frey; Kathy Short; Trish Woehrle    When the going gets tough: Direct, buffering and indirect effects of social support on turnover intention
*    Charles H Schwepker Jr.    Ethical climate's relationship to job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover intention in the salesforce
*    Elizabeth E. Manlove; Jacqueline R. Guzell    Intention to leave, anticipated reasons for leaving, and 12-month turnover of child care center staff
*    Linda Whitehead    Response to “intention to leave, anticipated reasons for leaving, and 12-month turnover of child care center staff”
*    Susan Russell    Response to “intention to leave, anticipated reasons for leaving, and 12-month turnover of child care center staff”
*    XiaoWen Zhao; Tao Sun; QiuRu Cao; Ce Li; XiaoJian Duan; LiHua Fan; Yan Liu    The impact of quality of work life on job embeddedness and affective commitment and their co-effect on turnover intention of nurses

*    Hannah K. Knudsen; Lori J. Ducharme; Paul M. Roman    Clinical supervision, emotional exhaustion, and turnover intention: A study of substance abuse treatment counselors in the Clinical Trials Network of the National Institute on Drug Abuse

*    Yi-Yi Chen; Jisung Park; Aely Park    Existence, relatedness, or growth? Examining turnover intention of public child welfare caseworkers from a human needs approach
*    Chung-Wei Kuo; Rong-Chang Jou; Shu-Wun Lin    Turnover intention of air traffic controllers in Taiwan: A note
*    Chang, Wan-Jing April; Wang, Yung-Shui; Huang, Tung-Chun    Work Design-Related Antecedents of Turnover Intention: A Multilevel Approach
*    Miyuki Takase    A concept analysis of turnover intention: Implications for nursing management
*    Manish Kumar    Erratum to “Roles of Perceived Exchange Quality and Organisational Identification in Predicting Turnover Intention” [IIMB Manage Rev 24 (1) 5–15]
*    Elçi, Meral; Sener, Irge; Aksoy, Seval; Alpkan, Lütfihak    The Impact of Ethical Leadership and Leadership Effectiveness on Employees’ Turnover Intention: The Mediating Role of Work Related Stress
*    Mohammed J Almalki, Gerry FitzGerald, Michele Clark    The relationship between quality of work life and turnover intention of primary health care nurses in Saudi Arabia

*    Rouleau, Dominique; Fournier, Pierre; Philibert, Aline; Mbengue, Betty; Dumont, Alexandre    The effects of midwives’ job satisfaction on burnout, intention to quit and turnover: a longitudinal study in Senegal

*    Maier, Christian; Laumer, Sven; Eckhardt, Andreas; Weitzel, Tim    Analyzing the impact of HRIS implementations on HR personnel’s job satisfaction and turnover intention
*    San Park, Jae; Hyun Kim, Tae    Do types of organizational culture matter in nurse job satisfaction and turnover intention?
*    Lai, Jennifer Y.M.; Chan, K.W.; Lam, Long W.    Defining who you are not: The roles of moral dirtiness and occupational and organizational disidentification in affecting casino employee turnover intention
*    Tschopp, Cécile; Grote, Gudela; Gerber, Marius    How career orientation shapes the job satisfaction-turnover intention link
*    Kuo, Huai-Ting; Lin, Kuan-Chia; Li, I-chuan    The mediating effects of job satisfaction on turnover intention for long-term care nurses in Taiwan

*    Herda, David N.; Lavelle, James J.    The Auditor-Audit Firm Relationship and Its Effect on Burnout and Turnover Intention
*    Jung, Hyo Sun; Yoon, Hye Hyun; Kim, Young Joong    Effects of culinary employees’ role stress on burnout and turnover intention in hotel industry: moderating effects on employees’ tenure
*    Coyne, Iain; Ong, Tanya    Organizational citizenship behaviour and turnover intention: a cross-cultural study
*    Carayon, P.; Schoepke, J.; Hoonakker, P. L. T.; Haims, M. C.; Brunette, M.    Evaluating causes and consequences of turnover intention among IT workers: the development of a questionnaire survey
*    Kim, Hansung; Stoner, Madeleine    Burnout and Turnover Intention Among Social Workers: Effects of Role Stress, Job Autonomy and Social Support
*    Poon, June M.L.    Effects of performance appraisal politics on job satisfaction and turnover intention
*    Mauno, Saija; De Cuyper, Nele; Tolvanen, Asko; Kinnunen, Ulla; Mäkikangas, Anne    Occupational well-being as a mediator between job insecurity and turnover intention: Findings at the individual and work department levels
*    Trevor Murrells, Sarah Robinson, Peter Griffiths    Is satisfaction a direct predictor of nursing turnover? Modelling the relationship between satisfaction, expressed intention and behaviour in a longitudinal cohort study

*    Li, Xiaoyan; Zhou, Erhua    Influence of customer verbal aggression on employee turnover intention
*    Yu Sun, Zhenni Luo, Pengqian Fang    Factors Influencing the Turnover Intention of Chinese Community Health Service Workers Based on the Investigation Results of Five Provinces

*    Amy E. Green, Elizabeth A. Miller, Gregory A. Aarons    Transformational Leadership Moderates the Relationship Between Emotional Exhaustion and Turnover Intention Among Community Mental Health Providers
*    Lv, Qin; Xu, Shi; Ji, Hui    Emotional Labor Strategies, Emotional Exhaustion, and Turnover Intention: An Empirical Study of Chinese Hotel Employees
*    Shahnawaz, M. G.; Goswami, K.    Effect of Psychological Contract Violation on Organizational Commitment, Trust and Turnover Intention in Private and Public Sector Indian Organizations
*    Tnay, Evelyn; Othman, Abg Ekhsan Abg; Siong, Heng Chin; Lim, Sheilla Lim Omar    The Influences of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment on Turnover Intention

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