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Marine Design- Cari Data Buku Books


Marine Design- Cari Data Buku Books


Author(s)    Title    Publisher    Year

Floyd Marinescu    EJB design patters [Pap/Pstr ed.]    Wiley    2002
    0471208310, 9780471208310       
G. Owens    Marine Structural Design    Pergamon    1998
Michele Lanza, Radu Marinescu, S. Ducasse    Object-Oriented Metrics in Practice: Using Software Metrics to Characterize, Evaluate, and Improve the Design of Object-Oriented Systems [1 ed.]    Springer    2006
    9783540244295, 3-540-24429-8       
Khac Duc Do, Jie Pan (auth.)    Advances in Industrial Control    Springer-Verlag London    2009
    Control of ships and underwater vehicles: design for underactuated and nonlinear marine systems [1 ed.]       
    9781848827301, 184882730X       
Dave Gerr    Boat mechanical systems handbook: how to design, install, and recognize proper systems in boats    International Marine/McGraw-Hill    2009
    0071444564, 978-0-07-144456-9, 978-0-07-164334-4       
Yong Bai    Marine Structural Design [1 ed.]    Elsevier Science    2003
Lars Larsson, Rolf Eliasson    Principles of Yacht Design [2nd ed]    International Marine    2000
    9780071353939, 0-07-135393-3       
Design, and Monitoring of Marine Reserves and Protected Areas in the United States Committee on the Evaluation, Ocean Studies Board, National Research Council    Marine Protected Areas: Tools for Sustaining Ocean Ecosystem    National Academies Press    2001
    9780309072861, 0309072867, 2001000995       
Floyd Marinescu    EJB Design Patterns: Advanced Patterns, Processes, and Idioms [Pap/Pstr ed.]    Wiley    2002
    9780471208310, 0471208310       
Carlos Guedes Soares, P.K. Das    Analysis and Design of Marine Structures: including CD-ROM [1 Har/Cdr ed.]    CRC Press    2009
    0415549345, 9780415549349       
Committee on Assessment of Shiphandling Simulation, Marine Board, National Research Council, William C. Webster    Shiphandling Simulation: Application to Waterway Design    National Academies Press    1992
    9780309043380, 0309043387       
Abel Avram, Floyd Marinescu    Domain-Driven Design Quickly    2007
    1411609255, 9781411609259       
Anthony F. Molland, Stephen R. Turnock    Marine Rudders and Control Surfaces: Principles, Data, Design and Application    Butterworth-Heinemann    2007
    0750669446, 9780750669443, 9780080549248       
Yong Bai    Marine Structural Design [1 ed.]    Elsevier Science    2003
    0080439217, 9780080439211, 9780080535838       
Dave Gerr    Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook: How to Design, Install, and Recognize Proper Systems in Boats [1 ed.]    International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press    2009
    0071444564, 9780071444569, 9780071643344       
Design, and Monitoring of Marine Reserves and Protected Areas in the United States Committee on the    Marine Protected Areas: Tools for Sustaining Ocean Ecosystem        2001
    0309072867, 9780309072861, 9780309511698       
Design, and Monitoring of Marine Reserves and Protected Areas in the United States Committee on the    Marine Protected Areas: Tools for Sustaining Ocean Ecosystem        2001
    0309072867, 9780309072861, 9780309511698       
M.W. Braestrup    Design And Installation Of Marine Pipelines    Blackwell Science    2005
    0632059842, 9780632059843       
Robert Taggart    Ship Design and Construction    Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineer    1980
    0960304800, 9780960304806       
Robert Perry    Yacht Design According to Perry: My Boats and What Shaped Them [1 ed.]    International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press    2007
    007146557X, 9780071465571, 9780071596527       
Oil Companies International Marine Forum    Design and Construction Specification for Marine Loading Arms [3rd ed.]    Witherby & Co Ltd    1999
    185609071X, 9781856090711       
Christopher Paul, Harry J. Thie, Katharine Watkins Webb, Stephanie Young, Colin P. Clarke, Susan G. Straus, Joya Laha, Christine Osowskim and Chad C. Serena    Alert and Ready: An Organizational Design Assessment of Marine Corps intelligence    Rand Corporation    2011
    0833052659, 9780833052650       
John Gaythwaite    Design of marine facilities for the berthing, mooring, and repair of vessels [1 ed.]    Springer    1990
    0442229003, 9780442229009       
Hans Agerschou    Planning and Design of Ports and Marine Terminals [2nd ed.]    Thomas Telford, Ltd    2004
    0727732242, 9780727732248       
Floyd Marinescu    EJB design patterns : advanced patterns, processes, and idioms    John Wiley    2002
    0471208310, 9780471208310       
Floyd Marinescu    EJB design patterns : advanced patterns, processes, and idioms    John Wiley    2002
    0471208310, 9780471208310       
Michele Lanza; Radu Marinescu; Stéphane Ducasse    Object-oriented metrics in practice : using software metrics to characterize, evaluate, and improve the design of object-oriented systems    Springer    2006
    9783540395386, 3540395385, 3540244298, 9783540244295       
R A Becker    JPL technical report, no. 32-773    Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology   
    Design and test performance of Mariner IV television optical system       
G. C. Sih (auth.), George C. Sih, A. Carpinteri, G. Surace (eds.)    Engineering Applications of Fracture Mechanics 14    Springer Netherlands    1995
    Advanced Technology for Design and Fabrication of Composite Materials and Structures: Applications to the Automotive, Marine, Aerospace and Construction Industry [1 ed.]       
    978-90-481-4507-2, 978-94-015-8563-7       
Braestrup, Mikael W.(eds.)    Design and Installation of Marine Pipelines    Blackwell Publishing    2005
    978-1-4051-4874-0, 978-0-632-05984-3       
Lamb, Thomas(eds.)    Ship Design and Construction, Volumes 1-2    Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)    2003 - 2004
    978-1-61583-301-6, 978-0-939773-40-4 (Vol. I); 978-0-939773-41-1 (Vol. II)       
Allmendinger, E. Eugene(eds.)    Submersible Vehicle Systems Design    Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)    1990
    978-1-61583-304-7, 978-0-939773-06-0       
Hughes, Owen F.; Paik, Jeom Kee    Ship Structural Analysis and Design    Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)    2010
    978-1-61344-140-4, 978-0-939773-78-3       
Anthony F Molland and Stephen R Turnock (Auth.)    Marine Rudders and Control Surfaces. Principles, Data, Design and Applications    Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann    2007
Jani Romanoff    Analysis and Design of Marine Structures    CRC Press    2011
    9780203732854, 0203732855       
Marinella Ferrara, Murat Bengisu (auth.)    SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology : PoliMI SpringerBriefs    Springer International Publishing    2014
    Materials that Change Color: Smart Materials, Intelligent Design [1 ed.]       
    978-3-319-00289-7, 978-3-319-00290-3       
Gaythwaite, John W.    Design of Marine Facilities for the Berthing, Mooring, and Repair of Vessels [2nd Edition]    American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)    2004
    978-0-7844-7610-9, 978-0-7844-1111-7       
Association de Recherche sur les Structures Métalliques Marines    Design Guides for Offshore Structures, Volume 1 - Welded Tubular Joints    Editions Technip    1985
    978-0-08-053583-8, 978-0-08-043921-1, 2-7108-0530-8       
    International Symposium on Marine Design    The Royal Institution of Naval Architects    2006
    978-1-62198-865-6, 978-1-905040-02-5       
P Le Tirant; Association de recherche en géotechnique marine (France)    Collection des guides pratiques sur les ouvrages en mer    Éditions Technip    1992
    Offshore pile design       
    2710806142, 9782710806141       
C Guedes Soares; Jani Romanoff    Analysis and design of marine structures    CRC Press    2013
    9780203732854, 0203732855       
Mohamed El-Reedy    Marine Structural Design Calculations [1 ed.]    Butterworth-Heinemann    2014
    0080999875, 9780080999876       
Carlos Guedes Soares, R. Ajit Shenoi    Analysis and Design of Marine Structures V [Pap/Com ed.]    CRC Press    2015
    978-1-138-02789-3, 978-1-315-68505-2, 1138027898       
Mohamed El-Reedy    Marine Structural Design Calculations [1 ed.]    Butterworth-Heinemann    2014
    0080999875, 9780080999876       
Misra, Suresh Chan    Design principles of ships and marine structures    CRC Press    2016
    978-1-4822-5447-1, 1482254476       
Bai, Yong; Jin, Wei-Liang    Marine Structural Design, Second Edition [Second edition]    Butterworth-Heinemann is an imprint of Elsevier    2016
    0080999972, 978-0-08-099997-5, 9780081000076, 0081000073       
John Burke    Pete Culler on Wooden Boats The Master Craftsman's Collected Teachings on Boat Design, Building, Repair, and Use    International MarineRagged Mountain Press    2007
Mark Alexander    Woodhead Publishing series in civil and structural engineering 64    Woodhead Publishing    2016
    Marine Concrete Structures. Design, Durability and Performance [1 ed.]       
    0081009054, 978-0-08-100905-5       
Nugeron, Marine; Plaut, Virginie    Les Guides de L’Etudiant 505; Serie Metiers    les editions de l’Etudiant    2016
    Les metiers de la creation et du design [16 ed.]       
    9782817605067, 2817605063       
Jonathan M. Ross    Human Factors in Defence    CRC Press    2009
    Human Factors for Naval Marine Vehicle Design and Operation [New edition]       
    0754676250, 9780754676256       
Ross, Jonathan M    Human factors in defence    CRC Press, Ashgate Pub. Co    2009
    Human factors for naval marine vehicle design and operation [New edition]       
    0754676250, 978-0-7546-7625-6       
Carlos Guedes Soares, Y. Garbatov    MARSTRUCT 2017    CRC Press    2017
    Progress in the Analysis and Design of Marine Structures: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Marine Structures [1 ed.]       
    9781351653411, 1351653415, 1138069078, 978-1-138-06907-7, 978-1-315-15736-8, 733-745-753-7       
Seaton Albert E., Rounthwaite H.M.    A pocket book of Marine engineering rules and tables. For the use of marine engineers, naval architects, designers, draughtsmen, superintendants, and all engaged in the design, construction and care of marine machinery, naval & mercantile       
Brown, David K.; Marine    Warrior to Dreadnought : warship design and development ; 1860-1905 [Reprint ed.]    Naval Institute Press;Chatham    2010
    978-1-84832-086-4, 1848320868, 978-1-78383-019-0, 978-1-78346-786-0, 1892-4-1893-2       
Mohamed El-Reedy    Marine Structural Design Calculations    Butterworth-Heinemann    2014
John W. Gaythwaite    Design of Marine Facilities: Engineering for Port and Harbor Structures [3rd Revised edition]    American Society of Civil Engineers    2016
    0784414300, 9780784414309       
Dave Gerr    The Elements of Boat Strength: For Builders, Designers, and Owners [1 ed.]    International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press    1999
    0070231591, 9780070231597       
Harvey P. Hack    Designing Cathodic Protection Systems for Marine Structures and Vehicles (ASTM Special Technical Publication, 1370)    Astm Intl    1999
    0803126239, 9780803126237       
Seaton Albert E.    A manual of Marine engineering: comprising the designing, construction, and working marine machinery       
Laurie Churchman    The Art of Boat Names: Inspiring Ideas for Names and Designs [1 ed.]    International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press    2008
    9780071591423, 0071591427       

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