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Author(s)    Title    Publisher    Year

Tom Sant    The Giants of Sales: What Dale Carnegie, John Patterson, Elmer Wheeler, And Joe Girard Can Teach You About Real Sales Success    AMACOM    2006
    0814472915, 9780814472910, 9780814429662       
Joe Girard Stanley H. Brown [Brown, Joe Girard Stanley H.]    How to Sell Anything to Anybody    Fireside Rockefeller    2005
Gibbs, Tony; Girard, Joe    Joe Girard's 13    McGraw Hill    2013
    Joe Girard's 13 essential rules of selling : how to be a top achiever and lead a great life       
    978-0-07-179906-5, 0-07-179906-0, 978-0-07-179905-8, 0-07-179905-2       

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