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React.js - Cari Data Buku Books


Author(s)    Title    Publisher    Year

Swizec Teller    React+d3.js: Build data visualizations with React and d3.js        2015
Paulo Ragonha    Jasmine JavaScript Testing, 2nd Edition: Test your JavaScript applications efficiently using Jasmine and React.js    Packt Publishing    2015
Artemij Fedosejev    React.js Essentials: A fast-paced guide to designing and building scalable and maintainable web apps with React.js    Packt Publishing    2015
Fernando Doglio (auth.)    Reactive Programming with Node.js [1 ed.]    Apress    2016
    978-1-4842-2151-8, 978-1-4842-2152-5       
Fedosejev Artemij.    React.js Essentials (Code Only)       
Fedosejev Artemij.    React.js Essentials       

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