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Control Valves - Cari Data Buku Books


Control Valves - Cari Data Buku Books


Author(s)    Title    Publisher    Year

Process Industry Practices    Selection of Control Valves       
Wayne Broadway (auth.), Dr. P. Wood, Mrs. L. Grove (eds.)    Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Developments in Valves and Actuators for Fluid Control: Manchester, England: 28–30 March 1988 [1 ed.]    Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg    1988
    978-3-662-11465-0, 978-3-662-11463-6       
American Water Works Association.; American National Standards Institute    AWWA C530    The Association    2008
    AWWA standard [for] pilot-operated control valves [1st. ed]       
AWWA    AWWA Standard C530-12 Pilot Operated Control Valves [Online-Ausg ed.]    American Water Works Association    2012
    978-1-58321-905-8, 1-58321-905-6, 978-1-61300-200-1, 1-61300-200-9       
James W. Hutchinson    ISA Handbook of Control Valves [2 ed.]    Instrument Society of America    1976
    0876642342, 9780876642344       
Floyd D.    Jury. Fundamentals of Aerodynamic Noise in Control Valves       
Author(s)    Title    Publisher    Year
Hans D. Baumann    Control valve primer: a user's guide [4th ed]    ISA    2009
    1934394505, 978-1-934394-50-2       
LLC Fisher Controls International Emerson Process Management    Control Valve Handbook Fourth Edition (Fisher, Emerson Process Management) [4th ed.]        2005
Ali Ahammad Shoukat Choudhury, Sirish L. Shah, Nina F. Thornhill    Diagnosis of Process Nonlinearities and Valve Stiction: Data Driven Approaches (Advances in Industrial Control) [1 ed.]    Springer    2008
    9783540792239, 3540792236       
Hans D. Baumann    Control Valve Primer, 4th Edition: A User's Guide [4 ed.]    ISA    2008
    1934394505, 9781934394502       
Babajimopoulos A., Assanis D.N.    An Approach for Modeling the Effects of Gas Exchange Processes on HCCI Combustion and Its Application in Evaluating Variable Valve Timing Control Strategies       
    Les Driskell Control Valve Selection and Sizing       

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